Welcome to Musso Chiropractic Center.  We would like to thank you for choosing Musso Chiropractic as your chiropractic healthcare provider.  Our staff and I will try to make your Chiropractic experience as pleasant as possible. 

Day 1: Filling out a Case History Form which will consist of current, past problems and family history as well.  The more we know about you the better the recovery.

I will then give you an Initial Consultation, and I will examine you.  After the examination, I will determine if X-Rays are needed to help complete the diagnosis process.  I may then start some type of treatment protocol that day which may include: physical therapy and other therapeutic modalities for pain management

Day 2: A Report of Findings will occur where I will go over your exam and X-Ray findings.  I will then proceed to go over your treatment plan for chiropractic treatments.  I will begin your treatment that day.  Subsequently after your second visit our staff will go over your appointment schedule and financial matters in regards to your insurance coverage and what your plan covers under chiropractic care.

It’s important to maximize your health by keeping your appointments